Apr. 7th, 2017

silailo: (she monster)
Answers to questions for OWCP are in the mailbox. I would've just uploaded them to the website they provided but it's not working for me (figures). I just wish I could stop feeling like a fool. < : ] I knew I shouldn't have filed a claim. It's just that after five months of feeling the pain in my hand, and the genuine belief it happened at work, I figured I should do it. But I didn't realize not knowing how it happened would create a problem. Why did they let me get medical help in the first place when I stated on the claim form that I didn't know how it happened?

My hand has been a lot better anyway. I haven't had any problems at all today. I will be seeing my doctor next Thursday since I'm apparently allowed one more visit, and from there she can submit a report about whether or not she can find a valid diagnosis. I think by then my hand will be fully healed.

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