Apr. 4th, 2017

silailo: (bottle rose)
Two pieces of good news.

First, I finally heard back from my claims examiner. Now we can get the ball rolling on making my case active again.

Second, I have a phone interview Thursday morning for a GS-7 archaeological technician. I'm actually pretty darn surprised about this. Though I don't think I'll get the job, I'm amazed I was selected for an interview. I filled out twelve applications for either GS-7's or GS-6's. Four were referred, one just says "reviewed," and the other is still in "received" status because it's for the BLM's applicant pool. All the others were rejected for different reasons (not qualified, not among the best qualified, not enough experience/education, etc.)

I just want to do decently. Interviews have always been a huge weakness for me, even when I practice. I've learned about how to do well in interviews through both my university's career center and Worksource. But I'll still blank on my answers sometimes, repeat myself, or my answer will come out weaker than I intended. I also have this annoying habit of being too honest, making me give more detail than necessary or slipping details that actually hurt my answers. I'm not feeling too confident about this since I don't feel I have the experience to be competitive, but I just don't want to look foolish.

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