Apr. 2nd, 2017

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One of the apartments was already taken by the time I managed to get ahold of the manager--supposedly. The guy didn't sound certain, but I didn't call it to attention so I just left it alone. Besides, I later swung by the place to get an application to have on hand in case something does come up, and the lobby area smelled funky, the floor was dirty, and I noticed the stairs were carpeted in really old, brown shag carpet. Blech. I'll still keep the place in mind, but good grief.

As for the other place... It's above a computer repair shop in an old brick building in the heart of downtown. The shop was really nice and professional looking, and the guy who runs the shop is also one of the landlords. I filled out the application, but when I handed it back to him he said that the only reservation he had was the fact I couldn't sign a year lease. He said it takes time and money for them to select new tenants, and they don't like having high turnover. There are only four apartments, and some of the tenants have lived there for several years. The guy who moved out of the apartment that's up for rent was there for twelve years. I told the landlord that I understood.

He did show me the apartment, though. He was currently renovating each apartment as people moved out, and let me tell you I absolutely loved it. It's very small, a sort of cross between a studio and a one bedroom because the bedroom is separate but it's not closed off. The landlord is putting in new tile, new carpeting, new appliances... It's a secure entrance where if someone who's not a tenant wants in, they have to use a sort of doorbell-intercom system to call. I love how small the place is. I wouldn't need any furniture besides my bed, kitchen table with chairs, and another chair for the living area. The windows look down on main street. A window A/C unit can be placed in the window. There's only one washer and dryer for everyone, but that's okay with me.

When we stepped outside, he told me he would wait for more applications to come in before making a decision. This is a huge red flag for me. I felt like he was basically saying he would wait for someone who could sign a year lease. I think my chances are pretty slim.

I was pretty upset all the way back home. On the phone the landlord had made it sound like first-come, first-serve (actually, I spoke to his wife, who then relayed the details to her husband). I wish he had just told me that I absolutely had to sign a year lease if I wanted the place, which would've saved me the trouble of driving all the way up there to fill out an application, and getting my hopes up.

Right now I'm trying to figure out who else I could network with to perhaps find a place in town, but you can't get any better than the rent this apartment has, or otherwise I'd have to room with someone, which was something I was hoping to avoid this time around.

I still have a month before work starts, but I fully expect at this point to be living in the bunkhouse. :(

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