Mar. 29th, 2017

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Ohhhhh!! So two apartments were just listed for Summer Town (code name for the place I'll be living this summer). One has really reasonable rent and is in the heart of the business area, possibly on the second floor of a building where there's a computer repair shop on the ground level. It's one of those older brick buildings, so I don't know what the quality might look like. Nothing was mentioned in the ad about a lease. My main concern about second level apartments is being hot in the summer. Most of these places don't have A/C despite temperatures often breaking 100+ degrees in the height of summer. I would rather be cold than hot. But I get that A/C takes a lot of electricity.

The other apartment is at the month-to-month place I've called before. The rent is higher but it's still in town and close to where I work (anywhere in town will be close to where I work, but this place is pretty darn close). Since I know most of the specifics about the place, and I've driven around it to get a good look at it's quality at least on the outside, I wouldn't mind living there.

The bunkhouse is still way, way cheaper, but I dread the idea of going back there. Not even the lure of cheap rent puts my mind at ease. I'm still open to it, and I would do it if I have no other options, and I can resign myself to it, but if I do live out there I'll be going home on the weekends often, which is what I don't want to do this summer. Having a place in town will make me want to stay in town on weekends. I'd like to volunteer at the local historical society to keep me busy.

As for getting internet in a place if I get one (which isn't an option at the bunkhouse), I'm still debating with myself about it. I could get a card at the local library or something and use their internet--if they have any. I don't want to have to use the WiFi at the ghetto grocery store, which is what one of my coworkers did the first season. He said he saw a few drug deals go down while he was there. I'm not sure where else I could get WiFi. I think it's sad how desperately I feel like I need to be connected to the internet when it's probably better for me to not always be constantly plugged in.

EDIT: Oh crap. I just forgot. I've been having trouble with my phone where I'll call someone and they can't hear me, even though I can hear them. I've been leaving messages. Oh my gosh, I hope they can hear me on those messages. I might end up calling these places again tomorrow if I don't hear back today.

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