Mar. 27th, 2017

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I'm currently in the process of listing CDs on (does anyone even still use that site besides college students?) and making sure I rip the CDs to my computer that for some reason I don't have the mp3 versions of. I'll need to backup my computer again once I'm done. That's what scares me about digital music, losing it all somehow, which was why I liked having CDs so much. Most of what I have I can always buy again if I lose it, and the digital versions are widely available. I'm keeping all those artists who have been really important and influential to me, and those whose CDs I actually had to hunt down or miraculously showed up on eBay or Amazon.

Speaking of selling stuff, I have yet to get feedback for a lot of things I recently sold. I think I've sold around six things, and I've only gotten feedback for one. I emailed one buyer, acting as though I wanted to make sure they got their package, and then asked if they could leave me feedback. I never heard back. I've never had this much trouble with people not leaving feedback on eBay, and I've been on there since 2004. However, I've sometimes forgotten to leave feedback in the past and didn't do it until much later.

If anyone cares, here's my shop. Once I start work again, however, I'm going to suspend my listings because I won't be at home to ship stuff off in case something sells.

All other CDs that had too many scratches (but still play) or aren't worth trying to sell I'm going to donate to the local library.

I would've tried to list these things on Amazon but apparently Amazon doesn't let just anyone sell third-party anymore. Years ago I sold two things, and someone left me a neutral feedback which hurt my feedback score and made me look bad.


Mar. 27th, 2017 03:57 pm
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I got my little ceramic Belldandy coin bank in the mail today. It's even better in person. Because it's an older style of Belldandy, I had to have it, because this version is one of my favorites. I bought it almost on a whim when I saw it listed, and I had money in my PayPal account to blow, so I put a bid on it and no one bothered to outbid. Maybe it was the price. I saw that it had been relisted a few times.

Finally something to lift my spirits, because lately...yeah.

Why not

Mar. 27th, 2017 05:21 pm
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I started a writing/inspiration/original fiction blog on Tumblr. :X The last one I made I deleted not long after because I lost interest pretty fast, but I didn't really use it to post writings, mostly because no one really cares anyway. Then again, I don't reach out to others and show that I care about what other people do. No one will care about this blog, either, but I'd like to keep it so I can post my original writings for a novel I hope to write someday. I used to post on AO3 in the original works section, but I've always felt like AO3 is geared more toward fanfiction (which is why it was created in the first place), and it seems like most people don't read original fiction there unless it's slash and/or smut. So I figured Tumblr was my next best choice. All my pairings are het so that's another disadvantage I'll have there.

I have been so bored with everything lately.

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