Mar. 20th, 2017

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I just got a call from a large environmental company about an application I put in for an archaeological field tech. The lady on the phone needed to ask me some questions before forwarding my application to the hiring office. She wanted to know my availability, to which I responded I would begin work again with the Forest Service in May, so I would be available from today until then. She also asked if I had experience with shovel test probes, to which I replied yes, but I didn't say I didn't have much experience with it. We've done shovel tests at work, but we're usually pretty slow about it, and we don't do them often. I'll need to put shovel tests on my resume, since I didn't think to do it before.

But when she asked me what my preferred wages were, I hesitated because I've always felt weird about doing that. I gave her a range, and then she asked me what I was paid at my last job, and with that knowledge she said they would pay me as close to that as possible. I'm new to this whole field, so I didn't know how all that works, and this is a private company and I didn't know what they were willing to pay. I hope that if they do take me on, I can be paid about the same as with the Forest Service. I guess I'm underrating myself.

It would be cool if I got a short term job before I started work again. It's in my state, too, though in an area I haven't done any field work.

Best part is they provide lodging and per diem.
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Sketched this out the other night.

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