Mar. 10th, 2017

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The hard thing about running a themed side blog on Tumblr, when you don't have a lot of original content to post, is how my followers all follow the blogs I reblog from. So they've already seen the content by the time I reblog it. I've been trying to find more obscure sources, but it's kind of hard, and lately I haven't had a lot of interest in my side blogs, or Tumblr in general, so I haven't made much of an effort.

I have been bombarded by porn bots following me over the last few days. At least the spam blogs seemed to have diminished.

Today I did some revisions for Glass From Heaven Will Save Them. I need to finish posting it, but I've only posted five chapters so far, and there are thirteen. Ideally I would like to get everything done and posted before I head back to work in May. At this rate I'm not sure that'll happen. And ideally I'd like to complete all close-to-finishing or halfway-done writing projects before the fall, in case, you know, I have to start college again. If I do go back, I don't see myself writing for leisure for the next two years.

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