Mar. 7th, 2017

silailo: (wah)
I want to say buying anime merchandise is a bad "investment," but you're not really investing in anything. It's just that you pay through the nose for something, and then when you go to resell it for whatever reason, you get a tiny fraction back of what you paid for it. Maybe the word I'm looking for is depreciation? I don't know.  It just makes me mad. I just sold a nice, somewhat-rare DVD box set from a highly acclaimed anime for mere peanuts. It went for less than what I paid for one DVD. Maybe this is part of the reason I've fallen out of the anime fandom, because that crap costs too much and it ain't worth jack.

Maybe it's because I bought this stuff during the height of its popularity and now no one cares. Good thing Sailormoon made a comeback because I got back what I paid for that poster plus the cost of the tube to ship it in.

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