Feb. 15th, 2017

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Right now I'm visiting my sister. I still have some replies to make to comments, and comment on entries.

My coworkers and I have been getting emails from my supervisor about the upcoming season. It appears she's already hired a crew chief to replace the one that left last season, and it sounds like it'll be a guy. I saw all the emails my supervisor copied to her last email, and it looks like Jordan, the guy who was hired along with me and acting assistant crew chief, won't be coming back because his email was absent. He'd said that if he didn't get the crew chief position here, or got it in another forest or park, then he wouldn't come back because he wasn't making enough money. I hope he was able to get on with another forest closer to home, because that was his goal.

My supervisor also sent an interesting email to everyone saying she was getting calls for reference (though she didn't mention for who), and also mentioned that if anyone accepted a position in the Southwest, then she needs to know ASAP so she can hire for our positions. A while back I had told her about the New Mexico job, so besides me, I'm not sure who else would've applied for a job in the Southwest except maybe one person, but I don't know if she knew about the openings. So for some reason I felt the Southwest comment was directed at me.

I need to know soon if I'm getting a new job because I have to start calling around about apartments. I may to have email people to get closure.

The interview went okay, I think. I believe I flubbed up on a few questions, and I completely blanked on an answer I had been practicing, but overall I did an okay job. I got a tour of the office and liked what I saw. The only major issue I have is the variable schedule, which may mess with my therapy appointments, and I won't be able to go to my writer's group anymore--or at least not for a very long time, but I already knew this when I applied.

They said they had a few other interviews to do, and that I should know by the end of the week what their decision is.

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