Feb. 11th, 2017

silailo: (she monster)
Two things I wish about myself:

1) A greater willingness to travel, alone and for work.

2) Being better at digging holes quickly.

I feel like these two things would make me more confident in my job hunt. I am horrible at digging holes, and I've heard many cultural resource management firms need to dig a lot of holes in a certain time frame. I was terrible at it at field school, and I was pretty bad about it last season. My crew chief, who is younger than me, but more experienced, can do a shovel test in record time. That's because she's had to learn to dig quickly. She told me there were times when she worked with crews where they had to meet a quota, so she had to make herself work faster. She has unbelievable stamina as it is. You wouldn't think so just by looking at her.

I've never been on a car trip alone where I've had to travel for more than one day. I've flown alone, and I've driven many times the whole 75 miles to the town where I work in the summer. I don't think I'd mind traveling in the summer, but it freaks me out to travel in the winter. Our winter this year has been pretty nasty.

Anyway. I hadn't really been applying for archaeology jobs because I was trying to apply only for those jobs that would be in the Northwest. But I decided I wanted to throw my line out farther. I went to the American Cultural Resources Association website because I know they have a list of companies, and I can sort them by state or several states. I just try to find the ones that mention they hire temporary field techs. I don't like contacting those that say nothing about employment. So I went around looking for companies in Western states that have also done work in the PNW or close to it. I don't think I'll run out of options for a while.

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