Feb. 9th, 2017

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We finished cleaning the walls in the kitchen yesterday and started on the living room. We chose the wall with the most stuff to move out of the way, which has the piano. It's a black lacquered studio piano we had appraised several years ago because we were looking to sell it, but it was during the recession and people weren't willing to blow money on an old, antique piano. The appraiser put a date of 1898 on it, which shocked me because I never knew it was that old. My parents bought it in Portland, Oregon, some time before I was born (I think). I'm not sure where they bought it. It's super heavy.

So we pulled it away from the wall and had a chance to dust off some really neglected areas. We could see that some parts may have been replaced in the back because there used to be fabric covering the back, and something may have attached to the back like a panel, we don't know. We know some of the keys were replaced. I just have a new appreciation for this piano now. But my mom had intended to teach my sister and I to play, because she grew up in a family that encouraged musical ability, but my sister and I just never took to it. So it sits silent most of the time. However, my three year old niece likes to get on it and bang on the keys. We suspect she may take an interest in music later in life.

I found this interesting sticker on the back of the piano, though:

 photo FullSizeRender_zpse2hwgvor.jpg

EDIT: Okay, I knew Eugene City is referring to Eugene, Oregon, but I wanted to know when the "city" part was dropped. A little research helped me discover it wasn't dropped until 1889. Maybe I misheard what the appraiser said. Or maybe he didn't see the sticker. I don't think we pulled the piano out. I also found out the Wells Fargo and Company Express operated until 1918 when the government made them merge with other express companies.

I love finding history in my own house.

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I've listened to Deep Forest for years. I don't have all their albums, though. This album somehow has become one of my favorites.

I'm a huge world music fan, in case I never mentioned it before. I've been collecting music from around the world since I was a kid. It's one of my few windows to the rest of the world because I've never been able to travel abroad. It gets me interested in whatever country or culture the music is from, and I start to research it, and thus I learn more about the world through music. Now I have a pretty decent collection, both CDs and digital, but I prefer CDs because I just really like having the music on a physical disc (plus I love having liner notes, especially if they're in English or have an English translation of the lyrics).

I've been on Youtube for a few hours. I was looking up videos of Namgar since I love her voice so much and kept going through the Up Next list and finding all sorts of great stuff. Heh.

Nothing like good music to get me out this bad mood.

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