Feb. 8th, 2017

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So last year I went to see the new Magnificent Seven movie and thought it was all right. Aside from the really corny ending with the weird CGI graves, the only other part that really bothered me was how they left out the twist, the part where the villagers (or in the case of this movie, the townspeople) betray the Seven to the villains. So when the battle started gearing up, I thought it was the first battle and then there would be the twist. But...it was just the climax. Personally, I think leaving out the twist kind of hurt the movie. It faced the Seven with a critical decision: Despite the betrayal, do they go back to the town and finish the job with the possibility of death, or do they leave with their lives and let the town rot?

I'm not sure I remember correctly, but I do remember a scene in the new movie where one of the characters leaves (can't remember his name now) and the others were like, "Well, we'll just stay because we have no better prospects". That was basically the "critical decision," and I felt it was pretty weak.

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