Feb. 5th, 2017

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I'm still trying to decide how or if I want to rewrite Deja Vu. I've got it uploaded to Scrivener and I've been trying to get all the notecards filled out so I can delete the text in each one. I have all the original text in Word documents, so I can do a side-by-side rewrite/copy of each chapter. If this were an original story I might consider rewriting it from scratch, buuuuuuuut I ain't putting that much effort into an old fanfiction when I could be writing original fiction. If anything, I want to make it less annoying to read. I had a lot of adjectives and repetitions. I could also afford to be more descriptive in some places. Not sure I care to do much more with the villains. They mostly sit around in the background, faceless and causing havoc, but there's really only one that stands out and antagonizes the main cast. It doesn't really make the bad guys very threatening.

While reading Freedom of the Mask by Robert McCammon, I saw a parallel with Et Cetera. What, the main character gets caught up in the world of an evil empire of crime, controlled by a minority figure who's out for revenge against England and the rest of the world by using a highly addictive drug? And he's doing it because his son was murdered? And he's got all kinds of weird, evil, dangerous henchmen, and he uses an octopus as the group's symbol? I suppose the concept might not be original, but the similarities made me giggle.

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Good grief, I need to give my old university a call. I need to find out if that professor I've been trying to get ahold of is even in his office, or if he's been on vacation or something. I haven't heard back from him, even though I've sent him a few emails since our last convo. I saw on LinkedIn that he got a new position at the university, so maybe he's in transition or just really busy and hasn't been able to answer anything that isn't urgent.

Seriously, I need to get things rolling here. If for whatever reason I still can't get ahold of him, I'll email my other instructor.

OMG it needs to stop snowing. They just plowed our street today and it's snowing again. Good thing I got out today while the weather was decent.

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