Feb. 2nd, 2017

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I accomplished nothing I wanted to today.

Went to the library and got a book on making bento lunches and another on Chinatown in San Francisco. Then I got out the ring light for my camera and took a bunch of pictures of one of my dolls for practice because I'd had an idea for a few days, and I need to use the light since my cousin let me borrow it, and I've barely used it. I've had it for three weeks now. :X

I bought a bento box on Amazon this morning because I'd like to learn how to make bento lunches. Looking through that book I got at the library, it's actually getting me excited about cooking and making food. I usually hate it.

The bento box I bought was also on YesStyle, but slightly more expensive. But the one on Amazon had Prime shipping, and even though tax made it about the same price as the one on YesStyle, the Prime shipping made it worth it. But because I ordered it right before the weekend, like I tend to do every freakin' time, I wouldn't get it until Monday. So I chose to pay for next-day shipping. In the end I would've paid the same for the box on YesStyle with shipping, except I'm getting it tomorrow instead of in two to three weeks. Worth it.

The Amazon page for the box said "only one left," and I usually don't fall for that because once the "last one" is bought, a bunch more come in after it and it'll say "only five more left in stock." Well, I bought the last one and it said only five were left in stock, and the price was a few dollars cheaper, but no Prime shipping. So I guess I did all right.

Today I called someone about an apartment, because I figured I'd better start gathering info, but I feel it's still a little too early to be trying to grab a place. I have three months until work starts, assuming nothing else comes up. Since I'm totally inexperienced with this. Someone said I need to give it enough time for things like background checks, processing paperwork and whatnot. I'm not sure. But this person I called said the apartments were in a town several miles from where I'll be working, if you can call it a town. I've been there and honestly I wouldn't want to live there. The rent was cheap, so that gives you an idea of what things might be like. I called this person based on an online ad from a local newspaper's website, and it didn't mention where the apartments were located.

This mission to find an apartment is stressful. I've never done it before. The town where I'll be living has limited housing because it's a small town of about 4,700 people. There are apartment complexes, but they are usually small. There are several complexes for seniors, and at least one I know of that's exclusively for low-income individuals. Renting a house alone is out of the question because the rent is insane. I could try to rent with a coworker (one I haven't even met yet or even know, since the only two I know will be renting together--I'm assuming together--in a fully-furnished house one of them pre-arranged to get before the end of the season last year), but I just... I just want to live alone. I also have to find a place that doesn't do a one-year lease or will be flexible. And I don't want to be in a super ghetto part of town. Am I asking for too much?


Feb. 2nd, 2017 09:32 pm
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I think next year, if I do Yuletide, I'll request a story about ghosts in the White House. I was reading about the various sightings people claim to have had there. It would be especially cool if the fic was a supernatural thriller about the ghosts tormenting Trump. Hehehehe.

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