Jan. 25th, 2017

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I told myself I would only apply for jobs that I would actually take if offered. This week I feel sort of like I'm running out of options.

I've been trying to avoid retail as much as possible, because frankly I hate working with people. Some of my worst job memories are in retail. I hate the public. The only time I didn't loath working with the public was when I volunteered at the museum. That might've had something to do with the environment. People were usually quiet and didn't talk to me much, because they were too busy looking at displays and panels. Plus I loved where I was at. It felt like such a privilege. I didn't need to go through a tricky interview to stand in a beautiful, historic home, and tell people about the history. It was so much better than any paid job I ever had.

Maybe I'll do a Work Source activity this week or something.
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So I've decided I don't like the solid coloring. Also the lines near the knees were an accident. This is the second time I've drawn this chibi. The first one I experimented too much with her hair color and the shade turned out awful. I'm not crazy about the paper texture, either.

I have another drawing I've had sitting around that needs finishing. Also Belldandy. I should do Urd next.
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Large picture under the cut! )

Okay, so my shading was really lazy. Sue me. I guess I just got sort of bored. The hair was my main interest.

Trying to be all pretty with the background but it looks like a studio background. XD Yes I colored her hair purple.
I also just now realized there should be more of her extending back, but I used a photo as a reference and that part of the picture was cut off.
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I forgot I made this.

Drawing under the cut )

I drew it on some cheap sketch paper and for some reason I like the texture.

I had plans to do a whole series of these crossover drawings, and I have one more, but I never made it past the second one.

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