Jan. 22nd, 2017

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I found out 4,500 people showed up for the Women's March in my city. At first I saw just one picture and thought maybe it was just a few hundred people, which made sense to me because of where I live and sometimes we're kind of pathetic (as much as I love my city). But then I saw more pictures from the local news and there were way more people in those photos. Then they reported the numbers.

OMFG Why didn't I go?

I remember they reported about 10,000 people who went--or tried to get into the first Bernie rally. I waited in line for two hours until I finally went home because I had stuff to do the next morning, and it probably would've been another two hour wait before I made it to the doors. By then the main building was full and people were being put into overflow rooms. Then Bernie came back the following week so I got to see him then. The crowd wasn't as big, probably because they did it on a weekday afternoon as opposed to a weekend evening.
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I finished the first draft of my fic! I'm too excited to let it sit for a while before going over it again, though. It's been a long time since I went over the first four chapters, because I wrote those first and then the story went on hiatus for several months, so I can start with those.

I know Scrivener has the ability to find words, but I like how MS Word does it, like it actually counts how many times a word appears so I know I'm overusing it. I have a bad habit of overusing certain words.

Tempting as it is to start posting it, I won't yet.
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 Oh, man. I just remembered I used to love Hercules: The Legendary Adventures. I thought I heard somewhere they were rebooting the series but maybe that was something else.

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