Jan. 15th, 2017

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A while back I complained about what I believe is the declining quality of collector's Barbies. I still like Barbies, but I tend to buy older ones because newer ones don't interest me. I'm not sure why. I would totally stop buying Barbies if other similar brands weren't so much more expensive. I'd love to buy a Momoko doll.

Right now I have a new set of dolls in my curio. One of them is the Great Eras Collection Flapper Barbie. I have to say this doll is probably one of my top favorites. This is Mattel's photo:

I borrowed my cousin's ring light for my camera lens so I could take detail shots without using my flash:

I mean, I really feel like they don't make Barbies with this much detail anymore. I stopped buying the Dolls of the World Barbies because their quality got cheaper and cheaper but the price kept going up. I also got sick and tired of the stupid super model body types with the weird bent arms. Those kinds of bodies don't sit well on regular stands and have to use stands specifically made for them. What also galled me was the fact that Mattel stopped supplying display stands with their collector dolls. Sometimes they don't even have shoes. They do this because so many people don't take the dolls out of the boxes (which I heard can actually damage the dolls in the long run), so I guess Mattel figured they could save money.

I bought the Maiko Barbie (a geisha doll) several years ago, and had never spend that kind of money on a doll, and never have since. She had a metal piece in her hair that tarnished really bad. Are you telling me I blew that kind of money on a doll made with cheap metal? Thanks, Mattel. Then there are the dolls that look like they're wearing metal when you know it's probably just plastic. Don't get me started on that stiff, junky material they use for dresses nowadays.
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International Fanworks Day is coming up in about a month. I did it in 2015 but didn't have any interest in doing it since. The prompt was something like "What do your favorite characters get fannish about?"

My answer: Shipping. Each other.

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Finally finished this one. Approximately 1,200 words. Critique welcome.


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Ooh, ooh, ooh. Finished a fic today (the one I posted) and just finished writing another I started on a few hours ago. I'm determined to work on that darn writing prompt table.

The one I started and finished was way longer than I intended, though really it's not that long. I meant to write a drabble. It doesn't have a title yet and I probably won't post it until tomorrow. Now if I could just figure out how to tag it.

But now it's time for bed.

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