Jan. 8th, 2017

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Still making my way through Freedom of the Mask. I don't know why I keep reading these books, they are incredibly violent and graphic. I don't usually gravitate toward stories like that, but I guess the author does a pretty good job of sucking me in with his characters. And his nonviolent descriptions are absolutely wonderful. I wish so much I could write like that! (It's Robert McCammon in case anyone is wondering.)

I bought three more volumes of Oh My Goddess! because I am so far behind on collecting the series. I have this big gap between Volume 13 and 21, and then after 37 things get spotty because I was buying whatever I could find cheapest. I am such a massive tight wad it makes me sick spending more than $10 on anything. But I splurged, only because I'm worried the individual volumes are going out of print as the omnibus editions come out. Every time I wait until something goes out of print I can't find it anywhere for a halfway reasonable price. This happened when I didn't pick up the whole of Twin Spica when I had the chance. Now I have a hard time finding any of them that isn't a used "library copy" because most of the higher volumes are insanely priced. So now I feel like I have to buy all the rest of OMG before it's too late. But then I'm probably worrying for no reason. Plenty of manga titles go out of print and stay pretty cheap, even in new condition. However, I did make sure to buy all of Children of the Sea in one sitting.

I somewhat regret selling off my Trinity Blood manga because I actually liked it way more than the anime and tons more than the novels (must've been Tokyopop's translation, yeeeeeaach). And I enjoyed the artwork and some of the characterizations. But I started losing interest after Tokyopop went kaput and stopped publishing them, and the only way I could keep collecting the newest releases was by ordering English versions from Singapore at twice the cost. So I decided I didn't love the manga that much and I chose to sell them. Hardly got back what I paid for them. [/bitter]

It's snowing like the dickens out there right now, oh my gosh.

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Story time!

So I had a few people subscribe to me because they thought my job sounded interesting. When my work season starts up again, I want to post pictures. I used to a while back until my Flickr account became inaccessible and I had to delete all my photos via the phone app.

I'll talk about one of the more interesting finds my crew happened upon last summer.

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I'm up past my bedtime writing and telling myself it's okay to write crap and I can go back later and fix it. I'm still learning how to do this, how to turn off my inner editor and just write. I don't know why this particular scene is holding me back so much, maybe because I thought I had to write out some epic final battle scene akin to Lord of the Rings when in reality this "battle" will only last maybe ten minutes.

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