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Here's a list of crap stuff I bought at YesStyle:

Cat Print Wall Hanging Pocket - I'm hoping to use this in the bathroom. Didn't plan on getting it at first, but it's cheap. I got the one with the blue design.

Hair Massage Brush - Been wanting this one.

Heart Suction Walls Hooks - These went out a stock and disappeared from the site, even though I wanted them. I found what looked like the same thing on Amazon but it didn't get good reviews. I think sometimes people don't know how to use suction hooks properly. Oh well, they're cheap.

Cartoon Print iPhone 6 Plus Waterproof Pouch - Okay, so I don't have an iPhone 6 Plus, just a 6, but with my phone's case I figured it would fit just fine. This is the one thing I really didn't need since I bought something similar at Walmart a few weeks ago. But these are so gosh darn cute and I've wanted one forever. I got the green one with watermelons since they didn't have the strawberry one in stock.

Sun Protection Arm Cooling Sleeves - Not sure how good these can be based on the price. I was eyeing the same thing on Amazon for $10. Hope my arms are skinny enough. :P I'm not out much money if they don't work out. I got the fingerless blue ones.

Etude House Zero Sebum Drying Powder - I've always wanted to try something by Etude House, particularly this kind of product. There was another similar one but they apparently don't make it anymore. The container was so cute, too.

Check Face Towel - Here's the guy that's going to hold up my order. I have the wash cloth version and love it so much I wanted to get the bigger one, too. I bought the blue version.

Laundry Bag - I did my laundry today wishing I had one of these for my bras. I bought two, the pink and green ones.

USB Warming Mouse Pad - Looks like I bought the last one in stock! Totally didn't plan on buying this but I needed something to get me to the $35 limit for free shipping, lol. Plus my hand does get cold sometimes when I use my mouse. I figured why not. I got the purple one, but there are two different purple ones pictured, and the site only lists one in their selection, so I'm not sure which one I'm getting.

And that, my friends, is how I waste money.
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