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Just made an order at YesStyle again. Put it on the good ol' credit card to pay later. I bought some stuff that I'd been wanting for a long time but never got because I convinced myself I didn't need it or already had something similar. But today I said screw it, I'm buying it. Only one thing wasn't in stock, which means I could wait up to two weeks before my order is shipped, but I'm okay with that because it's something I've been wanting forever but they just didn't have in stock. Again, I said screw it, I'll order and wait. A few other things were once out of stock but were back in. A pleasant surprise.

So far I haven't had any problems ordering from them, despite knowing the risks of ordering from a site like theirs (you get what you pay for), and sometimes their prices are higher than average. I just don't buy clothes--typically. I bought a shirt once and it was okay quality, but I might not do it again.

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