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I stepped out of my comfort zone today and went on a day trip to Nevada. I wanted to visit the ghost town of Metropolis, but I had no idea what to expect on how to get there. I figured a dirt road led to it, but there was a stretch of semi-paved road (or what used to be a paved road) that was so awful I almost considered turning back. My car is kinda old, even though it hasn't shown any sign of dying any time soon. And it's little. It's not a truck.

But I was so determined to get there. This is the first time I've driven to a place like this by myself.

I love the Nevada landscape. It helps that have an affinity for bleak, austere landscapes. Maybe it's from watching westerns for so many years, or maybe it's because I spent my early childhood on the dry side of the Columbia River Gorge.

The ghost town was so quiet. There was no one else around, though a truck drove by on the road I was parked on. I passed a couple of people on the way there and saw some houses, probably ranchers. Several times I had to slow way down because there were cows on the road. They don't even move until you get really close, and then they're like, "Pft, well, ooookaayy, fine, I'll move."

Pretty much all the land around there is managed by the BLM, as is most of Nevada. Not sure who keeps an eye on on the ghost town, though, probably the BLM. But it appears the town is left to decay with no effort to preserve it. The basement of the school house was still intact, although one corner of the roof had collapsed. I went down the steps a little but didn't go in because I wasn't sure how stable the place was, plus it was really creepy down there. There were lots of modern garbage, places where people had made campfires, graffiti, and some small dead animals, including a dead snake (poor snek. It wasn't a rattlesnake, thank goodness). I almost expected to find a corpse or something, lol. What I saw from the steps was probably all there was anyway.

Nevada landscape
Love that bleak Nevada geography. I can hear Ennio Morricone composing a song right now.

Metropolis school house ruins
I took a lot of pictures of this thing.

Metropolis school house ruins
Looking out from what I think is the ground floor of the school house. There were some pretty sizeable holes opening up, but I wasn't sure if they had been opened up by people or by natural decay. The floor appeared reinforced by rebar or something.

Metropolis school house ruins
The basement of the school house.

Metropolis school house ruins
Detail of the school house entrance front side.

Metropolis school house ruins
School house entrance arch.

Metropolis school house ruins

Metropolis school house ruins

Metropolis hotel ruins
Ruins of the Metropolis Hotel.

Metropolis hotel ruins

Metropolis hotel ruins

Nevada landscape

Metropolis ghost town monument
Monuments for the town.

Metropolis ghost town monument
I'm ashamed to say I didn't look very closely at this sign. I read the text but I didn't look at the pictures. This was actually a pretty sizeable town, and yet only two, maybe three structures are obvious. I also read in the Wiki article that there was supposed to be a cemetery but I saw no indication of one. Who knows what happened to it. It's probably for the best that it remains hidden.

Metropolis hotel ruins

Metropolis hotel ruins

Metropolis ghost town monument

Metropolis hotel ruins

Metropolis hotel ruins

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