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First the good stuff:

I'm getting close to finishing the files at work. I was really uncertain I could get it done, but I think I can pull it off. I moved a little slower today because I moved so quickly yesterday, and I need to slow down so I can do quality work. Pay day is Friday again!

Cleaning inspection was today and I passed all my duties, except they told me to scrub the toilet. I'll have to get a pumice stone because that's hard water staining, not mold. The instructions say to use a pumice stone if needed, which is new to me. I didn't know you could do that.

Only one of the girls' rooms failed inspection because the floor needed to be vacuumed. When I tried to use the vacuum in my room, I had to empty the vacuum's dust canister because it was so full. Otherwise it had no suction. Now it is functional.

Aside from not mopping the kitchen floor or vacuuming the hallway, both of which desperately need it (brown tile does well to conceal the dirt), these girls can clean up all right. I just wish they'd do it more than once a month!

Now for the crappy:

I ordered something off of eBay on Sunday, and by Monday night I got an email saying it had been delivered. It was almost 11 at night. I thought, "Delivered where?" The post office doesn't deliver mail at 11 at night. The tracking info said "individual picked up at USPS." Um, I didn't pick up anything.

Uncertain of what this meant, I hoped it just meant it had been delivered to the apartment office or something, but at 11??

I checked my apartment's mailbox today and also checked in the office, no package. I looked at the tracking info again, and it said the package had been delivered in Sacramento! I'm in Idaho! What the heck!!

So I emailed the seller, and the seller said USPS made a mistake, and they didn't know why the tracking said it was delivered. They assured me the package was on its way. I was relieved at the time, but now I'm uncertain again. They have the same tracking info I do, so how do they know the package is still in transit? It's just so weird.

Luckily it's something inexpensive. But I have two more packages coming and now I'm worried. This is the first time I've had something mailed to me at this address, and this happens. I don't need the stress of a new place and people compounded by this.

To add to my worry, I got a letter from Experian telling me that within the last 30 days, a creditor reported a change to my name, address, or social security number (people can do that??). I have a credit freeze with all three credit agencies, but I unfroze them for four days to allow time for a credit check on my apartment application. After that, my accounts froze again. I followed the instructions in the letter and called the number, only for the automated message to pretty much repeat the letter. Their other recommendation was to order a credit report, either online or by phone. I did it online for free, and everything checked out as far as I could see. Nothing seemed amiss. But I only checked my report with Experian, so I might have to check the other agencies. I'm hoping this just means someone tried to use my identity but failed because of my frozen credit.

Before I moved, I found out my insurance had to change my primary care provider because my old one was no longer in their network. The new PCP they assigned me is in another town a half hour from my house back home. WTF, Amerigroup. They just assign random doctors in their network. The first one they gave me was a pediatrician.

I'm not sure what this means for my medication. I was seeing a PA under my old doctor, so I'm hoping he's still at the clinic, but it might depend on if the doctor he's under now is taking new patients. Being out of state for the summer, I can't go in person to see a doctor to renew my prescription. I guess I'll just call the clinic to ask what the heck I need to do.

EDIT: My package is now in Idaho. Well, good.

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